February 27, 2017
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The Academy of the Sacred Heart is an independent, Catholic, college-prep institution for girls offering 16 years of instruction for toddlers through twelfth grade. Sacred Heart is one of 24 Network Schools in the United States sponsored by the Religious of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ).

Job Description

The Lower School Division Head is directly accountable to the Headmistress and works with her as a member of the administration. Programs to supervise include prekindergarten, kindergarten and first through fourth grade.The Division Head should be knowledgeable of using the best practices from a variety of educational approaches and cognizant of the importance of providing a progressive pedagogy that builds a strong literacy framework that will be the foundation of learning and understanding. Differentiated instruction in a caring, nurturing environment is expected.This individual is to have a solid understanding of building relationships between students and adults. This individual must be outgoing, receptive and eager to cooperate with parents to promote each child's optimal growth and development. This educator should recognize and understand that the Lower School years are the foundation of learning and discovery and work with the teachers to help each child grow to her potential. The mission of the Sacred Heart education is to enable each child to develop a positive self-concept and an optimistic attitude towards learning.S/he should be highly organized and able to work independently. Excellent oral and written communication skills are required. Candidates should also have high energy and a willingness to be flexible, collaborative and creative. This applicant should be innovative, resourceful and team-oriented. Passionate and goal-oriented are additional qualities that would also describe this individual. Candidates should demonstrate process, management and administrative ability. S/he should have a deep commitment to and an understanding of Catholic education, preferably in religious sponsored schools. Knowledge and experience developing relationships within the independent school sector and with working with a team of professionals around student development is required. Thorough expertise in technology is an expectation.This individual will be responsible to:

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Implement the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart education.
  • Maintain the strong standing of the Upper School among schools in the Greater New Orleans area, the Network of Sacred Heart Schools, the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS), the Archdiocese of New Orleans, charter and public schools.
  • Screen, interview and recommend potential candidates for hiring by the Headmistress.
  • Assume common responsibility in designing and implementing school-wide administrative, personnel and curricular policies.
  • Assist in long-range planning.
  • Prepare appropriate sections of the yearly budget and oversee expenditures throughout the year.
  • Serve as a member of the Admissions Committee and implement student admission and dismissal policies.
  • Prepare necessary handbooks and sections of external reports.
  • Assist in preparing the yearly calendar of events for the whole school.
  • To coordinate with Director of Admissions in the review of candidates for the Upper School.
  • Assist the Director of Facilities and Maintenance staff in overall maintenance of the Mater Campus buildings.
  • Meet with the Dean of Students, Instructional Coordinator and Activities Director weekly.
  • Monitor the development and supervision of after school programs.

Academic Responsibilities

  • Provide educational and spiritual leadership and example.
  • Implement administrative guidelines with regard to faculty employment and grievances.
  • Work with faculty to evaluate, refine and implement a coordinated, sequential and articulated curriculum in the context of the total school program.
  • Supervise and evaluate faculty performance and classroom management and support professional growth with:a. Classroom visits with observationb. Regularly scheduled conferences with each faculty memberc. Periodic evaluations for each faculty member.d. Attentiveness to professional growth opportunitiese. Organizing the yearly schedule of classes, teaching responsibilities, and duties.
  • Oversee textbook and supply orders.
  • Plan in-service programs.
  • Plan regular faculty meetings.
  • Secure and approve substitute teachers as needed.

Student Responsibilities

  • Provide an environment conducive to spiritual, academic, moral, social, emotional and physical growth.
  • Clarify, maintain and enforce discipline procedures in coordination with the administration, Dean of Students, faculty and school-wide policies.
  • Monitor student academic and individual growth by:a. Visiting classes regularly and participating in assessment and evaluation of student’s developmental needsb. Referring children for further evaluation and assisting with appropriate interventionsc. Organizing and maintaining student recordsd. Scheduling and attending regular level meetings with facultye. Providing assessment, grading and reporting systems.
  • Assist the Dean of Students in all attendance procedures.
  • Assist the dean of students in the arrival and dismissal of students.
  • Oversee the PLUS program (3:45 - 6:00 p.m.).
  • Assist the Dean of Students in maintaining the uniform code.
  • Assist the Instructional Coordinator and Activities Director in implementing, coordinating and supervising all co-curricular activities.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Support faculty in communicating personal and academic progress of students and oversee all correspondences relating to student life programs, discipline and procedures.
  • Facilitate additional support services when needed in conjunction with teachers and counselor.
  • Develop and implement a parent education series.



  1.  B.S./B.A. in Elementary Education or a related field (educational psychology or leadership) required
  2. Five years of teaching or working in an elementary program

Highly Preferred

  1. A master’s degree in Education or a related field (educational psychology or leadership)
  2. Seven-plus years of teaching or working in an elementary program

Application Process

Applicants should submit the following to the Assistant to the Headmistress, Helen Gerig at hgerig@ashrosary.org.

  1. Cover letter indicating why they are particularly interested in and qualified for the position.
  2. Current résumé.
  3. Statement of educational philosophy and/or other supporting material (e.g. articles or writing samples).
  4. Names, addresses and telephone numbers of three references. (We will obtain permission from candidates before contacting references.)

Sacred Heart is an equal opportunity employer. The goal of Sacred Heart is to hire and motivate an outstanding and diverse faculty and staff who work together harmoniously toward the common mission.

Deadline for Employment Submission: 
Wednesday, January 18, 2017