January 23, 2018
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Network Summer Service

The Network Social Justice Service Programs evolved from the vocation committee of the US Province (now known as the Society of the Sacred Heart, United States - Canada). The thought was that the RSCJ could work with students in the schools on service projects as a way to foster future vocations. The first summer service program was held in Houston in 1988 at Our Lady of Guadalupe School, and was sponsored by the Society of the Sacred Heart. In 1989, the Society sponsored three service programs in Houston, Grand Coteau and Miami.

From 1988 to 1992 a group of Network educators (Goal III Committee) met to formulate ways for the Network to foster Goal III opportunities for students across the country.

In 1994 the first Network summer service program was held in New York City in conjunction with YSOP (Youth Services Opportunities Project). A Network student, paired with a student from a school in the same city, worked together to understand the causes of homelessness.

In 1995, the second Network sponsored summer program was held in New York City. The project continued to have paired students. Because of high demand, more Network students were permitted to attend.

Level II projects were also initiated in 1995. These allowed students who had participated in a Network summer program (Level I) to participate in a second one in order to delve more deeply into the systemic causes of injustice calling for change. The first Level II programs were held in Boston and Miami.

Over the years, summer service projects have grown exponentially. In 1988, 14 students participated in the first program in Houston, Texas. In recent years, over 2500 Sacred Heart students and faculty members traveled to Bloomfield Hills, Michigan; Chicago; El Cajon, California; Greenwich, Connecticut; Guadalajara, Mexico; Miami; Poughkeepsie, New York; Princeton, New Jersey; Bethesda, Maryland; South Dakota; New Orleans, Louisiana, San Francisco and Seattle to participate in numerous Network projects.


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Timeline for Summer Service 2017

    • November 9th: Notification of Accepted Proposals
    • November 18th-December 9th
        • Students complete the essay, gain required signatures from parents, and complete all other personal information parts to the application. The student will then hand this information over to the Summer Service Contact at his/her school.
    • December 9th-January 20th
        • Summer Service Contact will collect required signatures from faculty/head of school/department head as required by the application
    • By January 20th, the Summer Service Contact individual should have all student applications together in a package and should scan the complete application to the Network Office.
    • February 3rd: By this date, all student applications will be uploaded into google drives for each individual project coordinator and supporting staff
    • February 23rd-25th: Network Summer Project Coordinators Seminar
        • Coordinators and supporting staff members to organize and finalize as many details as possible (all noted in the attached checklist)
    • February 27th: Network Office notifies Head of School & Assistant to Head of the student selections
    • March 3rd: Network to send out acceptance notification to parents and students along with required forms for the project coordinators
    • March 10th: Coordinators send their own welcome letters to the students and parents (the Network should be copied on all and any emails)
    • April 7th: All student forms are due back to the Network Office
    • April 14th: Network Office invoices the schools for the students
    • April 28th: Payment for student due to Network Office
    • May 5th: Student forms uploaded to the google drive for the project coordinators and staff


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