September 21, 2017
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The Sacred Heart Commission on Goals facilitates a system of accountability for Network schools in their carrying out the mission of the Society of the Sacred Heart. The commission is comprised of RSCJ and lay educators and trustees in the Network together with a member of the provincial team; it is accountable to the Provincial Team. The Sacred Heart Commission on Goals initiates, oversees and officially responds to a process of institutional self-reflection, by which each school at regular intervals is able, not only to determine where its strengths lie in relation to the Goals and Criteria, but also to express the concerns it has regarding how well it is living the vision expressed in them. The process aims to enable each school to formulate a plan for what it intends to do to deepen the life of the Goals and Criteria within its community. The mission of the Sacred Heart Commission on Goals stems from the belief that a community of educators can renew itself by means of just such reflective self-evaluation that yields fresh insights and recommitment.