September 21, 2017
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The Network of Sacred Heart Schools offers a program of both domestic and international exchange to its students and faculty. In this program, upper school students, usually grade 9 or above, may apply to attend another school in the Network or within the internationl Sacred Heart community for approximately one quarter, or ten weeks or the entire year. Exchange opportunities are available for middle school students and a variety of exchange and service trips capture a multitude of grade levels, depending on the school. In order to qualify for exchange, students must be in good academic and social standing at their home school and obtain the recommendations of their teachers and head of school. The exchange coordinators at the students’ home school and intended exchange school handle the paperwork. After students are accepted, schedules compatible with what they have been and will be taking for the rest of the year are worked out. Exchange students live either in the boarding school or with a host family. The many advantages to exchange include seeing another part of the country/world, getting a taste of life away from home before college, experiencing life – academic, extracurricular, religious, and social – at another school, making new friends and building community within the Network.