September 21, 2017
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Of Scottish race, the youngest daughter of a clergyman of the Established Church of England, Janet Erskine Stuart became one of the most important influences in the lives of those she touched. As sixth superior general of the Society of the Sacred Heart (1911-1914), she traveled around the world sharing her inspiration on the education of youth and direction of teachers. Her book, The Education of Catholic Girls, highly acclaimed when it was first published in 1912, has come to be regarded as a classic, advanced in its insights into the pedagogy and development of young women. Originally written for a general audience with an interest in the problems of education, it is a must for anyone attempting to become informed about the spirit of education at Sacred Heart schools. Of the goal of such education, Mother Stuart wisely wrote, “So we must remember that it is better to begin a great work than to finish a small one…Our education is not meant to turn children out small and finished but seriously begun on a wide basis.”