November 19, 2017
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Only a few schools in the Network of Sacred Heart Schools formally maintain as part of their mailing address the full name “Convent of the Sacred Heart.” A stop at many schools, however, still brings a visitor face to face with the name on a sign or plaque near the main entrance. Such a sign is a reminder that the parents of older alumnae of the Sacred Heart schools were quite conscious of sending their daughters to what was sometimes called a “convent school” – not simply a school where nuns taught but a residence for nuns where young girls went to receive an education from the nuns and generally live with them for some part of the school term. From their founding until 1964, the Religious of the Sacred Heart were cloistered. In other words, they pledged themselves to the communal pursuit of religious perfection in a residence consecrated for that purpose and therefore, removed from the ordinary traffic of society. The religious were permitted to come into contact with individuals not living such a life of religious commitment and permitted to serve them as long as the contact and service occurred within the convent.