September 25, 2017
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The Congregation of the Children of Mary, whose primary purpose was the spiritual formation of the students of the Religious of the Sacred Heart, was first formed in Amiens in 1816, in the Paris school in 1820. In 1832, since the rule of cloister prevented the religious from leaving their convents, Mother Barat organized a group of former students in Lyons to perform works of service, especially for the poor and needy. From these roots grew sodalities, or religious fellowships, for the various levels of students: the Infant Jesus Sodality for the lower school, the Sodality of St. Aloysius for the middle school and the Sodality of the Holy Angels for the high school. The Children of Mary became the sodality to which students in their last year of high school and in college aspired. The initials E.deM., which a member wrote after her name, stood for the French Enfant de Marie.

While the aims of such religious fellowships are met in different ways today, in some Sacred Heart schools members of the former sodalities still gather for days of prayer and reflection.

Coeur de Jésus
Coeur de Jésus sauvez le monde,
Que l’univers vous soit soumis
En Vous seul notre espoir se fonde
Seigneur, Seigneur, Vous nous l’avez promis.

Vous l’avez dit: Votre promesse
Fait notr’espoir, notre bonheur:
« Je bénirai dans ma tendresse
Les enfants de mon Sacré Coeur.

Vous l’avez dit: Sauveur fidèle,
Votr’ amour nous l’a révélé:
« Le coeur brulant pour Moi de zèle
Par le Mien sera consolé ! »

(Heart of Jesus, save the world)
(May the world be submitted to you,)
(In you alone our hope is founded)
(Lord, Lord, you have promised us this.)

(You have told us: your promise)
(Will be our hope, our happiness:)
(“In my tenderness, I will bless)
(The children of my Sacred Heart.”)

(You have said, O faithful Savior,)
(Your love has revealed it to us:)
(“The heart that burns with zeal for Me)
(Will find consolation in my Heart.”)