January 23, 2018
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Global Education

Global Education awakens students and the larger community to the responsibility of participating actively in the human family worldwide. For the Network of Sacred Heart Schools, Global Education opens “a pathway to discover, a space to announce the love of the heart of Jesus” (Chapter 2000) through campus ministry, curriculum, service, international exchange, professional development and international affiliations. This reciprocal process is invitational, obligational and transformational.

The following resources are designed to assist Schools of the Sacred Heart in achieving integration through activities and programs.

2011 International Heads of School Conference Wiki
October 20-24, 2011
          YouTube Video of Network of Sacred Heart Heads of Schools from the United States
          The International Heads wiki is accessible only through membership. Please contact nsadeghian-gonzalez@sofie.org to request membership.

2011 Global Education Conference Wiki
"Paths to Global Education"
September 29-October 1, 2011

Click here for the Global Education - Dance Video webpage.

Click here to download the compilation video (2012)
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Global Education Plan

Justice and Global Education Resources

2015 International Heads of School Conference in Mexico City

In Spanish: http://rscjinternational.org/es/noticias/%E2%80%9Cante-la-complejidad-del-mundo-un-camino-interior%E2%80%9D


In English: http://rscjinternational.org/news/faced-with-the-complexity-of-the-world-an-interior-journey


In Frech: http://rscjinternational.org/fr/nouvelles/face-%C3%A0-la-complexit%C3%A9-du-monde-un-voyage-int%C3%A9rieur