January 23, 2018
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Society of the Sacred Heart

The Society of the Sacred Heart is divided into provinces, each province usually comprising a country or related geographical areas. There is a provincial, or superior, for each province, and a provincial team. The provincial is appointed by the superior general after input from members of the province (which numbers approximately 275 members in the United States - Canada). The provincial team is appointed by the provincial and, together with her, offers guidance for the spiritual, apostolic, and professional direction of the members of the province.

Founding Mothers

Sacred Heart educators owe extensive gratitude to our founding mothers. These women imparted courage, faith, humility, knowledge and values immersed in the heart and love of Jesus.

Global Education

Global Education awakens students and the larger community to the responsibility of participating actively in the human family worldwide. For the Network of Sacred Heart Schools, Global Education opens “a pathway to discover, a space to announce the love of the heart of Jesus” (Chapter 2000) through campus ministry, curriculum, service, international exchange, professional development and international affiliations. This reciprocal process is invitational, obligational and transformational.

Journeying with peoples of different contexts, races, and cultures, and listening profoundly to the joys and suffering of humanity have allowed us to be touched by the poverty, inequality, exclusion, violence, and environmental destruction that are present in today’s world. We recognize with greater clarity the interconnectedness of global realities and the impact that these have on our local situations. We are more aware of the marginalizing effects of globalization and of cultures of dominance and exclusion. (Chapter 2008)


View a Sacred Heart "Glossary of Terms."

Goals and Criteria

Each Network school holds in trust the Society's mission of education. As required by the Society of the Sacred Heart, each school renews its vision and practice as a Sacred Heart school in a five-year cycle of reflection and renewed commitment to living the Goals and Criteria. This process is supervised by the Sacred Heart Commission on Goals (SHCOG), a committee responsible directly to the United States Province of the Society of the Sacred Heart. In addition, each school is fully accredited by its own state agency, regional independent school association and/or federal association for schools in its region. Each school is recognized as a Catholic school by the local diocese.

Helpful Links

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The following resources are intended as support and a formation to mission guide for Network of Sacred Heart Schools and others interested in Sacred Heart education.

Social Justice

Social Justice and Service take on a new meaning and varied look at each School of the Sacred Heart. Each school develops Goal Three through volunteerism and service at local food banks, elder and youth community organizations, annual collection days, hosting bake sales, supporting schools in the United States and Third World countries, raising funds for building needs and equipment, sponsoring student education, responding to various needs dictated by current events and other fund raising items to support justice and peace.