February 27, 2017
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Prayer After an Election

Rare Catholic relic coming to Miracle Sight in Grand Coteau


Live Mater Admirabilis

As Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart in Houston celebrated the Feast of Mater Admirabilis, the Lower School was treated to a visit by a "live" Mater.

More than 200 members of the 91st Street community gathered Saturday for our annual Walk/Swim for Uganda! The school's Parents Association, together with Community Outreach Director Michael Chung, organized the event to raise awareness and financial assistance for our Sacred Heart primary school in Masaka, Uganda.

 Deirdre Cryor arrived in July as the new Head of School at Country Day School of the Sacred Heart in Bryn Mawr.   “It’s so special that I’ve returned to a school and an area that is really home for me,” said Miss Cryor.  “Additionally, it’s been even more exciting to be back in the Sacred Heart Network during the Olympics with nine Sacred Heart alumnae to cheer for. Katie Ledecky from my alma mater is particularly amazing!”




Contact:               Heather Hargrave

Olympics gold medalist KK Clark reveals all: from her red nail polish to her nickname

Sacred Heart's Fiona Lempres interviews the Olympian in Atherton


Guided by the global vision of St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, the Network of Sacred Heart Schools is an association of Catholic Independent schools in the US and Canada which advances the mission of the Society of the Sacred Heart. The Network provides services and programs that promote and stimulate creative education and leadership framed by the Goals and Criteria for Sacred Heart Schools.