January 23, 2018
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Against All Odds is the inspiring life story of an African girl who was able to overcome great odds and secure an education despite great hardship. Betty Ogiel attended Kangole and Kalungu Girls Secondary Schools in Uganda and succeeded because of her own grit and resilence and the financial and personal support of the Religious of the Sacred Heart. Betty is a proud example of the educational mission of the RSCJ and credits them for her success. More about Betty's book here: http://bit.ly/2qb752z

In addition to being personally inspiring, Against All Odds would make a good addition to school libraries and classrooms. 

Against All Odds can be purchased from Xlibris.com where Betty will receive 25% in royalties. For bulk ordering at Xlibris, contact Brad Wilhelm - brad.wilhelm@xlibris.com - 1-888-795-5463

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