September 25, 2017

Welcome to the Integrity of Creation resources...

There is a sense that the earth is sacred, that God dwells everywhere, that there is no sacred/secular separation, that contact with the land is a primary spiritual experience."

(Clare Pratt, rscj, Former Superior General)

The Integrity of Creation is an important RSCJ priority adopted by the 2008 Chapter of the Society: Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation in Solidarity with Those Who Are Most Vulnerable.

From our contemplation of the Pierced Heart of Jesus in the heart of wounded humanity flows the desire to commit ourselves with greater passion and compassion to justice, peace and the integrity of creation.

Journeying with peoples of different contexts, races, and cultures, and listening profoundly to the joys and suffering of humanity have allowed us to be touched by the poverty, inequality, exclusion, violence, and environmental destruction that are present in today’s world. We recognize with greater clarity the interconnectedness of global realities and the impact that these have on our local situations. We are more aware of the marginalizing effects of globalization and of cultures of dominance and exclusion.

We suffer the pain of our peoples. With them and from this depth, we enter into the Open Heart of Christ. (Chapter 2008 Document)

     The resources submitted by members of the Sacred Heart community and posted will probe the spiritual foundational principles that support an embracing of the Earth as a treasured gift for which we assume care and responsibility. These pages are populated with rich material for curriculum and professional/spiritual/emotional growth.

     The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops pointed out in its statement, Renewing the Earth, that as stewards, “we seek to explore the links between concern for the person and for the earth, between natural ecology and social ecology. The web of life is one.”

Please click here to submit your resources to share with the larger community. Select a category to locate specific resources.

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