December 15, 2017
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Zone Gómez Morin, San Pedro Garza Garcia
Monterrey, NLE   66254

Phone: 52-81-5000-4622

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Instituto Mater Sagrado Corazón

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Our mission focuses on educating each student from the earliest age, childhood, adolescence and youth. Instituto Mater Sagrado Corazón is committed to education that is full of values ​​and skills for a life rich in accomplishments, expecting to share with the world. So this education is full of life and hope. We are a community that celebrates life and enjoys each of its stages.

The educational model of Sacred Heart Schools uses all the spaces of everyday life to form attitudes and the students, internalize discipline, educate for freedom and develop the firm will, by example and reflection.

Serving: Girls and Boys; Kindergarten-High School