January 23, 2018
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The Society of the Sacred Heart is divided into provinces, each province usually comprising a country or related geographical areas. There is a provincial, or superior, for each province, and a provincial team. The provincial is appointed by the superior general after input from members of the province (which numbers approximately 275 members in the United States - Canada). The provincial team is appointed by the provincial and, together with her, offers guidance for the spiritual, apostolic, and professional direction of the members of the province.

The headquarters of the United States - Canada Provincial Team is currently in St. Louis, Missouri. The team sends out monthly news of the province in the newsletter, Update, and its various members visit different areas of the United States and Canada each year. This group also maintains close ties with the superior general of the Society and her team, called the general council. They are located in Rome, the headquarters of the whole Society.

Superior General Kathleen Conan, RSCJ, named Barbara Dawson, RSCJ, as the new provincial to begin the term in August 2012. Following a consultation with the province, she named her provincial council. Margaret Causey, RSCJ, Sheila Hammond, RSCJ and Diana Wall, RSCJ, and they have agreed to serve with Sister Dawson for a three-year term. Anne-Marie Conn, RSCJ joined the provincial council in July, 2013 when the Canadian and United States Provinces became one province.

A new name... Society of the Sacred Heart, United States - Canada .

Goals and Criteria

Goals and Criteria for the Sacred Heart Schools in the United States (2005) (pdf with introduction)
SHCOG (Sacred Heart Commission on Goals) Manual (Updated June, 2017)
Goals and Criteria with Paula Toner, RSCJ (Provincial)
Celebration of the 2005 Goals and Criteria with Kathleen Conan, RSCJ


Network of Sacred Heart Schools Spring Membership Meeting 2015
     -Society of the Sacred Heart with Kathleen Conan, RSCJ, Superior General and Cath Lloyd, RSCJ, Central Team
     -United States and Canada Province with Barbara Dawson, RSCJ, Provincial
     -Mission and Conference with Suzanne Cooke, RSCJ

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"Sophie" Cards:
     Be Humble
     Go On Advancing
     Daily Prayer
     Let Your Heart quote

Quotes from the Constitutions of 1982 and General Chapters, Society of the Sacred Heart

The pierced Heart of Jesus opens our being to the depths of God and to the anguish of humankind. Jesus draws us into His movement of adoration of the Father and love for all, especially those who are poor.

The love of the Heart of Jesus and the desire to make Him known « animate all our activities.

Prayer, the contemplative outlook on the world, union with Christ in daily living makes us grow in the interior life.

We recognise that activism and dispersion diminish the quality of our life. Instead we are called to stop, to choose silence and to open and let ourselves be opened to our inner depths where the Spirit of God allows us to feel, see and understand life and reality with God’s heart. When we allow our bodies to be silent, our senses awaken and we are able to hear the voice of the Spirit within us. Then in the secret place of the heart the Spirit gradually transforms our feelings and responses, and draws us into an intimate relationship with God. The Spirit attunes us to the heartbeat of our people to discover the presence and love of God in everyday life. We recognise the gratuitousness of this experience. When we contemplate the heart of Christ we enter into the movement of the Spirit who develops in us a listening heart, bringing us closer to God’s reality, with the desire to promote justice, peace and the care of creation.

Our service of education is carried out in a genuine relationship of mutual interaction, where each person both receives and gives so that all may grow together. Of its nature, our service of education means creating community among ourselves and with others. It asks of us generous commitment, serious on-going formation and a broad critical vision of the world, enlightened by faith.

We participate in the mission of the Church through the service of education which is our way of continuing the work of Christ. This service of education and instruction is directed chiefly towards the young and those who bear within them the future of the world. Caught up as we are in the desires of His Heart, we want people to grow in dignity, as human beings and as children of God. Our starting point is the Gospel with all its demands from us of love, forgiveness and justice, and of solidarity with those who are poor and rejected by the world.

Mary, woman of faith among the People of God, lives close to us, as she does to everything that radiates the life of her Son. Our Society entrusts itself in a special way to her whose heart is united and conformed to that of Jesus, so that she may lead us to Him.

Coming to dwell in a world which is searching for meaning and true value of life, the Word incarnate opens to us a new way of life, of strength in weakness, freedom in service, life through death.

That the heart is open means, on the one hand, that there is communication from within that it allows to be seen and known by others, and, on the other, that it is accessible: that one may enter it, hide in it, and find in it shelter and refuge.
     Dolores Aleixandre, RSCJ in her book entitled In the Shadow of the Word

The Society of the Sacred Heart shares in the mission of the church by making known the revelation of Gods love, whose source and symbol is the Heart of Christ.

God's mercy and faithfulness shine forth in a world wounded by sin. He has sent His beloved Son who became one of us, and gave up His life, to set us free, to make us a new creation and to gather together all things in Himself for the glory of His Father.

This mission is carried on through the Church, the People of God, until the Kingdom in all its fullness has come.The Society of the Sacred Heart shares in this mission by making known the revelation of God's love, whose source and symbol is for us the Heart of Christ.

By our charism, we are consecrated to GLORIFYING THE HEART OF JESUS: we answer His call to discover and reveal His love letting ourselves be transformed by His Spirit so as to live united and conformed to Him, and through our love and service to radiate the very love of His Heart.

Through the Eucharist we enter into the mystery of the open side of Jesus. In our daily life, the Eucharist celebrates His death and resurrection, the reality which lies at the heart of the sufferings and hopes of the human family. Through the Eucharist we are drawn into the gift of Jesus to His Father for the life of the world, and in His Body we are gathered into one.

We commit ourselves to follow Christ by consecrating our lives through the profession of the vows of obedience, poverty and chastity. Rooted in Him through contemplation we wish to be women who create communion. By the witness of our love and apostolic dedication, by sharing the life of our peoples whose cultures are rich and varied, our communities throughout the world help to further communion in Christ.

For us, life, community, apostolic service, all spring from our union and conformity with the Heart of Jesus. This grace of vocation is a way of conversion and of apostolic fruitfulness. The pierced Heart of Jesus opens our being to the depths of God and to the anguish of humankind. Jesus draws us into His movement of adoration of the Father and love for all, especially those who are poor. We keep returning to this word of Jesus, as to a light which gradually transfigures us in His image: "Learn of Me, because I am gentle and humble of heart." (Mt. 11:29)

Conscious that what we do, we do together, and remembering a tradition marked by a love for young people and missionary spirit, we, sent by our superiors, carry out this service of education:
   -  especially in the work of teaching and formation
   -  in other activities for human development and the promotion of justice
   -  in pastoral work and guidance in the faith.
 Activities within our own communities contribute to the apostolic effectiveness  of the whole group.

Wherever we are sent, whatever our work may be, our lives will be inspired by the love of the Heart of Jesus and the desire of making Him known, expressed in:
   -  a concern for the growth of the whole person
   -  a thirst for working towards justice and peace in the world in response to the cry of the poor
   -  a passion to proclaim the Gospel.

Contemplating Jesus, we learn from His attitudes and responses how, in all our relationships, to witness to the liberating power of His love. In faith and simplicity we meet the other as a unique person, having respect and affection for each, and a humility which enables us to be receptive. Always, we are filled with hope in our encounters, sure of God's power at work in us all.

As members of the same Body, through apostolic prayer, mutual support and work undertaken by all, each religious, each community, has a role and shares the responsibility of our mission in the Church, for the glory of the Heart of Jesus.

Jesus calls us to a personal encounter with Him. He wants to make known to us the feelings and the preferences of His Heart.

Giving time and space to prayer will help us to be the Heart of God in our world. (General Chapter 2008)

In the Gospel through His words, His attitudes, His relationships with people, His way of relating to all created things, we discover His Heart wholly given to the Father and to all people.

In prayer we come to Him with everything that touches our life, with the sufferings and hopes of humanity. We learn to remain in silence and poverty of heart before Him. In the free gift of ourselves we learn to adore and to abide in His love.

The Spirit dwelling within us gradually transforms us, enabling us through His power to remove whatever hinders His action. The Spirit unites and conforms us to Jesus and makes us sensitive to His presence within ourselves, in others and in all that happens. Thus we learn to contemplate reality and to experience it with His Heart, to commit ourselves to the service of the Kingdom and to grow in love: "Have this mind among yourselves which was in Christ Jesus." (Phil. 2:5)

Knowing our weakness and our involvement in the sin of the world, we participate often in the sacrament of reconciliation. We joyfully welcome God's mercy which renews our hearts and moves us to restore communion. We prepare ourselves for this sacrament by the daily examen. (Canon 664)

We want to be discerning communities, living in awareness and sensitivity to the Spirit. This attitude makes us responsive, in our mission, to the sufferings and aspirations of our sisters and brothers. It helps us to respond better to the calls of God in the world around us, and it enlightens us to make choices more true to the spirit of the Gospel.

Our life together is a celebration of the paschal mystery. As such it calls for a certain self-restraint and asceticism which places the needs of others before our own: a life which, through prayer and conversion of heart, in accordance with the discipline of the Church, unites us with Christ's offering to His Father; a life of joy in which we celebrate together significant moments and feasts which remind us of Christ's presence and steadfast love for His people.

We are convinced that the Spirit makes all things new and when we live them in acts and words of daily life, we experience our spirituality with a new and present strength (Chapter 2008)

Adapted to the capabilities of each one and directed towards responding to the challenges of the world, formation envisages the development of our spiritual, human and apostolic life. The harmonious growth of the person presupposes an understanding of the affective life, which influences our whole way of knowing, loving and acting. This maturity is acquired gradually: it will be enriched by competent guidance, sincere relationships both within the community and outside it,  and with the help of human sciences. A certain discipline will allow us to find the balance between work, rest and relaxation, between relationships with others and solitude, a balance which is essential to personal integration.

We feel that our spirituality has something important to say to the world today and we want to share this in creative and life-giving ways, conscious that many thirst for an experience of God’s love. Young people are the agents of change in their own lives and we can learn from each other. We hear a strong invitation to walk with them, sharing our thirst and aspirations in a common effort to build a world where the desires of God will become a reality. (Chapter 2008)

We are sent by the Church to communicate the love of the Heart of Jesus. In Him all find their true growth as persons and the way towards reconciliation with one another. This we believe; this we want to proclaim. Saint Madeleine Sophie chose to express this conviction through the service of education, especially of the young. Faithful to her inspiration, and, like her, open to new situations, we make her desire our own: that people become ever more aware of truth, of love and of freedom; that they discover the significance of their lives, and devote themselves to others; that they take part creatively in the common effort to transform the world; that they be enabled to encounter the love of Jesus; that they let their lives be shaped by an active faith. (#10 and 11)

..............In the work of teaching and formation, in other activities for human development and the promotion of justice, in pastoral work and guidance in the faith............... Wherever we are sent, whatever our work may be, our lives will be inspired by the love of the Heart of Jesus and the desire of making Him known, expressed in: a concern for the growth of the whole person; a thirst for working towards justice and peace in the world in response to the cry of the poor; a passion to proclaim the Gospel. (#13)