January 23, 2018
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Oct 20, 2014

In 1844, a generation after the Society of the Sacred Heart was founded, Pauline Perdrau, a young novice, took it upon herself to produce a fresco of the Virgin Mary on a wall in a recreational area of the Trinita dei Monti, a Sacred Heart school in Rome. Sister Perdrau chose to paint Mary as a young woman, sitting in the temple, clothed in a rose -colored dress. The fresco includes a lily at Mary's side representing her purity; a distaff and spindle, her love of work; a book, her dedication to study. Representations of Mater Admirabilis (Mother Most Admirable) can be found in all Sacred Heart schools.

The feast day celebrating our Blessed Mother is especially dear to Sacred Heart children. Mater Admirabilis is the name given to the statue of Our Lady which you will find in a place of honor in every Sacred Heart school. “Mater Admirabilis” is Latin, meaning “Mother Most Admirable.”

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