September 19, 2017
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Juvenile Justice
Sacred Heart Schools, Sheridan Road
Chicago, IL
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 The Juvenile Justice Summer Project will provide high school students from various states a perspective of the experience of a teenager in our nation's criminal justice system. In an urban setting and an ethnically diverse population, the students will consider the context in which many of our nation's teen-agers live. Students will look at different support structures that work to help young people who are at risk for a variety of reasons (prevention programs, alternative high schools, etc.) Students will learn about how the State of Illinois makes decisions about the prosecution of juvenile offenders as well as particular case-studies. Students will visit juvenile court, Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliations, Kolbe House, and a peer jury program in the Chicago Public School system. Students will meet with advocates for juvenile justice, judges, prosecutors, public defenders, juvenile probation officers, social workers, attorneys, educators, teenagers who have been in the justice system, college students researching juvenile justice, and others who have a role in the judicial system, in the communities, and in the lives of the young people. 

Co-ordinator: Jane Steinfels / Sacred Heart Schools, Chicago, IL

June 24- July 1, 2017
For female Sacred Heart Students entering praces 11-12th (10th with strong recommendations) 
Participants will be staying at Loyola University, Chicago, IL.


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