May 22, 2017
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Clown Academy

Princeton Academy
Princeton, NJ

Clown Academy is a two-week Network Summer Service Project for students entering grades 10 through 12. Clown Academy will take place in Trenton, New Jersey and include 10 students from Trenton. The first two days students will form a troupe and practice their circus skills and rehearse their clown routines. The Clown Academy troupe will visit hospitals, nursing homes, and other community centers in downtown Trenton and perform their circus skills and clown skits. The Clown Academy students will also have the opportunity to teach their skills by giving workshops to children from the Boys and Girls Club and Catholic Youth Organization. An outgoing to NYC  and Philadelphia will be included. 

Tom von Oehsen / Princeton Academy – Princeton, NJ

July 2-15, 2017
For Sacred Heart students (male and female) entering grades 10-12

Participants will be staying at Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart. 





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