September 19, 2017
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St. Madeleine Sophie Center
El Cajon and San Diego, CA

The volunteers at St. Madeleine Sophie Center, assist the consumers (developmentally disabled adults) in various work capacities that include computers, janitorial, arts and crafts, supported employment, exercising, music, yoga, and gardening.  The consumers look forward to the volunteers’ companionship during the day.  The coming of the Sacred Heart kids is a big highlight of their year.  The consumers at St. Madeleine’s Sophie Center are developmentally disabled adults who either need to learn skills to be placed in the workforce or to develop social skills so they can live comfortably in their communities.  During our week at the Center, students will be working with the consumers in different capacities.  They may help in the garden or computer lab.  Some may go into the community with the supported employment team or just help the consumers learn the social skills of shopping at a department store.  Students also have the opportunity of visiting the Sophie Gallery where beautiful artwork and crafts are produced by the consumers. A big part of spending time with the consumers is just sitting and listening, being a friend, sharing a meal. The consumers love the attention! 

Christy Crandall / Sacred Heart Schools, Chicago, IL

June 11 - 18, 2017
For Sacred Heart female students entering grades 9-12 (Minimum age 15)
Participants will be staying at St. Madeleine Sophie Center, El Cajon, CA.



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