December 15, 2017
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Biking for a Sustainable Earth / New Orleans. LA

Students will come to one part of the US most vulnerable to coastal flooding and hurricane damage due to the destruction of wetlands and global warming.  While here they will learn and practice the basics of sustainable living such as composting, recycling, growing and eating organic and local foods, using non-carbon producing means of transportation (bikes) to get around, and living very simply.  In addition they will visit community groups that have demonstrated how to build houses adapted to the environment and which use energy efficient technologies to keep utility use to a minimum.  During the evenings they will learn about several groups which are effectively advocating for legislation that will protect the environment from further damage.  Service projects will include helping maintain a community garden and doing some volunteer work for several advocacy groups (such as the Atchafalaya Basin foundation and the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundations).  There will also be a period of reflection each day during which students will be invited to reflect on their role as stewards of Creation.

Diane Roche, RSCJ
The Duchesne House for Volunteers - New Orleans, LA
July 5-12, 2014

8-12 students (female only)  
Grade entering AFTER the project 10-12  
Participants will be staying at: The Duchesne House for Volunteers in New Orleans, LA 


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