January 23, 2017
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Sr. Barbara Dawson

Barbara Dawson, RSCJ, will be the next provincial of the United States Province of the Society of the Sacred Heart.

Opportunity for Sacred Heart Educators...

Much has been written about farm life in winter, but few have the experience.  The season of winter is a very special time when the earth rests beneath layers of snow and ice and the temperature is less than friendly to most creatures.  It is a time when animals, young and old require more care, and all our attention is to help them thrive.  Become a farmer with us in the toughest season of the year and rise to the challenges of the frozen landscape.  Discover your best friends:  food and warmth.

In their effort to financially support the Friends of Old St. Ferdinand Shrine in Florissant, and as a way to build community across the Rosary and Mater campuses at the Academy of the Sacred Heart in New Orleans, faculty and staff members are participating in a New Orleans Saints football pool fundraiser.  They will donate $1000 of the fundraiser proceeds to the Friends of Old St. Ferdinand Shrine, and an anonymous donor has offered to match the donation.   Contributions to the Friends of Old St. Ferdinand help finance the restoration of the buildings in Florissant, Missouri, where St.

The Duchesne House for Volunteers, located in New Orleans, Louisiana and sponsored by the Society of the Sacred Heart, believes in the impact to change through service and cultural immersion. Student and adult groups are welcome to come to the House for a few days or a week to work in the variety of service projects around the New Orleans community.

Barat College

Woodlands Academy announces...

Gerald Grossman, Head of School at Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart, has announced an unprecedented gift to the school. Anonymous donors have informed the Woodlands Academy Board of Trustees of their intention to donate the 23-acre parcel of property formerly known as Barat College to Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart.

Challenge 20/20

Challenge 20/20 is a program designed to augment global integration by partnering US schools with schools in other parts of the world. Partners then work to approach and solve real problems that affect their communities.

Click here for the website and a variety of resources, including the application form.

Woodlands Academy logo

The Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart Science Center has been awarded Silver Certification from Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), the recognized standard for measuring building sustainability.